The following guidelines are used to handle all refunds at Rocket Powered Sound. Please read the following conditions:

  • All customers are allowed a limited window of days to request a refund after purchase. Any requests exceeding the provided day limit will be denied. Please refer to the product page of your product for the exact window.

  • Single packs that are eligible for return:

    • Ultimate EDM Serum Pack

    • Ultimate Dubstep Serum Pack
    • Riot For Serum

    • Tear Out Toolkit

    • RPS Wavetable Library

  • All the above packs require a song submission: You must submit a track you made that uses at least 15 presets from the pack so we can make sure you gave the product a fair shot. Your song submission must be longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds and contain multiple variations of melody & progression. Your submission must contain an intro, a melody, a build up, a drop, and an outro. It must be clear that you used good effort to integrate the product into your workflow. If you are unable to submit this song within the return window, you will receive store credit as compensation.

  • Other products that are eligible for return:

    • Growlify: 30 day, action-based refund guarantee. Customer must completely watch every video included in the Growlify Crash Course before a refund request is applicable.

    • Ultimate Serum Masterclass: 15 day, action-based store credit guarantee. Customer must completely watch every video included in the course before a return request is applicable.

  • We allow a maximum of 1 return per customer.

  • Refunds are not applicable to any bulk or special bundle orders.
  • This policy is in place to ensure the satisfaction of our customers while also preserving the integrity of our products. However, if we suspect abuse of this policy, we reserve the right to deny a return to a customer.
  • In the event of a duplicate purchase / charge, your order will be refunded without any issue. Please submit a support ticket if this is the case.