1. All customers are allowed a limited window of 15 days to request a refund after purchase. Any requests exceeding the provided day limit will be denied.

2. Bulk and bundle orders are not eligible for a return, only one single product (with the exception of the Ultimate Serum Bundle).

3. Our products are Serum preset packs, presets made for the Xfer Serum digital synthesizer. All of our packs requires an up-to-date version of Serum to run the presets. We state this on the main page of every product.

4. All customers are allowed a maximum of one lifetime return.

5. As we state on all our main product pages and policy, we require any customer requesting a return to send us a song they made using the presets from the pack so we can see they gave the product a fair shot.

6. However, in the event where you are unable to show us the mandatory song for a return (such as not currently owning Serum, using an outdated version and choosing not to update), we allow you to exchange your ordered product for store credit. That is what this page was created for.