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Now just $67

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Booming 808s Collection

Earth-shaking 808 shots that will make your tracks hit harder than Mike Tyson on Steroids.

There is no denying that 808s are crucial to producing tracks that will rock speakers and make people’s jaws drop.  

If you want to make your tracks stand out on the low-end and have an impact such as the latest hits from artists like Travis Scott, Gunna, and Drake, our 808 collection is a must-have.

This collection contains 50 samples craftily produced combining the best music tech tools available so you can just drag’n drop them on your DAW of choice and make your next banger.

Don’t take our word for it. Just have a listen for yourself and see how this pack will change your production workflow forever.

Iconic Flute Melodies

"120 Exotic Flute Melodies That'll Leave Your Tracks Stuck On Repeat..."

Want to get that iconic flute sound behind massive hits like Future "Mask Off", Skrillex & Diplo "Where Are Ü Now", and A$AP Rocky "Praise The Lord"?

Well now you can have dozens of catchy flute melodies with the Iconic Flute Collection.

Recorded by a professional Bansuri Flutist, this pack will get you 120 melody loops in every key + BPM you'll need, so you can make your next hit today!


Ultimate Guitar Melodies

Infuse emotion and originality to your tracks with 85 unique guitar melodies that will give your music that authentic feel.

Massive hits released in the past few years from artists such as Polo G, Daft Punk, and Post Malone have guitar-based melodies.

The guitar has such a distinctive sonic quality that makes it almost impossible to replicate it using plugins. Now you can get the same iconic sound without the need to hire a professional guitar player to record these melodies for you.

The Ultimate Guitar Melodies Pack contains 85 acoustic and electric guitar melodies in every key and BPM will give your music that extra organic spark in seconds. You can slice it, resample it or just drag and drop the loops in your DAW for instant inspiration.

All loops were recorded by a professional guitar player using the best digital and analog gear.

Legendary Melodies Pack

"No more writer’s block ever with the Legendary Melodies Pack. Inspiration on-demand with 324 royalty-free melody loops + MIDI files."

Melodies can make or break your songs, but we both know coming up with catchy melodies is easier said than done.

Stop wasting time coming up with melodies that don’t move the needle, and grab the Legendary Melodies Pack today so you can focus your time on the arrangement, production, and mixing of your music.

The Legendary Melodies Pack has different styles of melodies spanning a plethora of moods and flavors that will help your tunes stand out in a sea of sameness.

Ready to jump in? Get the entire bundle for a special, limited time offer:

Ready to jump in? Get the entire bundle for a special, limited time offer:

$146 Everyday price

Now just $67

$146 Everyday price

Now just $67