Serum Masterclass Bundle - Rocket Powered Sound

Serum Masterclass Bundle

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Do you find yourself opening Serum but feeling lost and perplexed about what you should do next? 

Do you feel like there's something "missing" from your music that everyone else seems to have?

Do you spend hours twisting knobs just to end up with sub-par sounds that you're not satisfied with?

Are you ready to STEP UP your sound design and master the Serum VST?

We understand your pain.

And that's exactly why I dedicated over 1,000+ hours in Serum, learning sound design from the ground-up to crack the “serum code”, so any producer can create their best sounds imaginable...

The amazing part for you is this- all the hardwork is done for you in this Ultimate Serum Masterclass.

No more wasted time sifting through crappy Youtube tutorials or trying to figure it all out by yourself...

Instead, you can plug right into our easy-to-digest sound design system and start making sounds that make your music stand out today!

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