Top 5 Best Saturation Plugins For Producers

What Does Saturation Mean In Audio?

Explained simply, saturation is an effect used in music production that utilizes various distortions and compression functions to make sounds warmer and have more depth. It is primarily used for sound design, mixing, and mastering, to help producers add more fullness, life and character to their music.

How To Use Saturation Plugins?

In music production, saturation is one of the key ingredients for making your tracks sound full and getting an overall fatter mix. It can add color, aggression, depth, and fullness to any sound, bringing your music to life! Here are the 5 best VST plugins to use, whether you produce in FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton, or really anything else! With this list, you're gonna love having fatter basses, vocals, 808s, and drums starting today.

1. Thickify by Rocket Powered Sound

Thickify VST Plugin

Description: Thickify is a powerful VST plugin that uses a unique saturation algorithm. This plugin is special, because instead of having a bunch of confusing parameters, it's minimal design allows you to turn 1 knob and quickly make your basses, drums, 808s and instruments sound aggressive, fatter and hit harder.

This plugin is the fastest way to get big results with your sounds, while still maintaining a high quality output. In less than 5 seconds, you can plug any sound into Thickify's powerful saturation algorithm and give your music the punch it's been needing.

Price: $39

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2. Saturn by Fabfilter

fabfilter saturn

Description: Featuring a large collection of modifiers, Fabfiliter Saturn allows you to get very specific with the kind of warmth that you'd like to add to your sounds. It uses a multiple bands to create a warm "analog" style sound.

Price: $154

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3. Decapitator by Soundtoys

decapitator by soundtoys saturation

Description: Decapitator is another analog modeled saturation plugin. With 5 styles to choose from, it'll create a warm and fat tone for your sounds.

Price: $199

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4. Nectar 3 by Izotope

nectar 3 izotope saturation plugin

Description: Add subtle warmth and intense distortion to your vocal track with the Nectar 3's saturation module. The Saturation module features seven different saturation modes for adding unique flavor to any vocal, no matter the genre.

Price: $249

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5. Kelvin by Tone Projects

kelvin tone shaper saturation plugin

Description: Kelvin combines flexible dual-stage saturation with powerful push/pull equalization in an inspiring new way to shape sounds. With a clean interface, it offers detailed saturation models, mastering-grade performance, and vast sonic possibilities with just a few parameters

Price: $99

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