Top 3 Free Serum Preset Packs to Download Right Now!

Xfer Records "Serum" is one of the greatest virtual synthesizers ever created.

With the revolutionary versatility and workflow of the VST, it's no wonder why tens of thousands of presets are created for it every year.

But let's be honest here...

Sorting through the plethora of boring presets, trying to find something that'll work in your music is not an easy task.

Lucky for you, we did all the hard work.

Here's the complete collection of the best free Serum presets you'll find on the internet, no strings attached.

150+ Serum Presets From Youtube Tutorials

Free Serum youtube tutorial presets & wavetables pack download by Rocket Powered Sound
How would you like 100+ Serum presets modeled off artists like FISHER, Flume, Virtual Riot, Trampa, & more?
Well, we compiled all of our best Youtube tutorial presets into one GIANT pack...
As you go through the presets, you'll notice that a lot of them sound freakishly similar to your favorite artists.
Well, that's because we reverse engineered roughly 35 top artists to make this entire free collection for you.
I wonder what you'll do with it?
Download Free Serum Presets Pack

Shutdown Serum Basses Pack

Free Dubstep Riddim Serum presets & wavetables pack download by Rocket Powered Sound
Love bass music?
We got you.
Here's a powerful bundle of Serum basses, ranging from Dubstep all the way to nasty Riddim.
Over 10,000 producers have downloaded this pack!
Click the link below to see why.
Download Free Serum Presets Pack

Graveyard Serum Basses Pack

Free brostep dubstep Riddim Serum presets & wavetables pack download by Rocket Powered Sound
Here is another collection of Serum basses for you.
These basses have been carefully designed to sound crazy complex, so you you're guaranteed to "wow" your audience with them.
Click the button below to download this epic pack.
Download Free Serum Presets Pack
This list should be more than enough to satisfy your sound design needs.
As always, we go for quality over quantity.
So go check out these legendary packs, and check back to see the new items on this list soon!