Ultimate List of Free Serum Wavetables!

You might be here because you have finally made a perfect decision for all your sound design woes. Yes, you have decisively got your hands on Xfer Records flagship synthesizer Serum. Congratulations on your perfect and brave choice.

Are you now bored of the stock wavetables and looking for some excitement? Probably you should look for Serum wavetables over the internet to add some juicy rhythm to your music. Not in the mood to play scavenger hunt and search a million websites on Google?

Well, we are happy to help! We have gathered a brilliant list of some incredible and upbeat best Serum wavetables for you. And to make things more exciting, all of the Serum wavetables are free to download. They are not the demo versions or half variants, instead, they are genuine and complete wavetables ready to be downloaded.

How to Install Serum Wavetables

Before we jump the bandwagon and list down some impressive Serum presets for you, let's understand how to install them in the first place. Many of you might be new to Serum and therefore, some guidance is a must for you.

Are you a veteran Serum user and aware of its wavetable installation process? You may proceed to the next section. If you are not, time to be educated first!

Opening Serum Preset Folder

  • The first step is to start by opening the Serum and go to the “Menu” option on the top right side of the screen.
  • Now click “Show Serum Presets folder” to continue.
  • Once the Serum Preset folder is open, click on the “Tables” folder to add wavetables.

Pasting New Presets

  • In the “Tables” folder, now make a new folder with any name you prefer.
  • We are using “Test” as the folder name in this scenario.
  • The next step is to go to the folder where you have saved or downloaded the wavetable.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded Serum wavetable to your new folder, here named as “Test”.
  • Now close Serum completely to refresh the changes.
  • Reopen it, press "rescan folders on disc" in the menu, and check your wavetables where you will find the folder you made.
  • Now there would be the wavetable or pack that you have downloaded, ready to be added to your music.

Free Serum Wavetables

You already know that Xfer Inc. Serum has now become the industry standard. Especially when it comes to astonishing sound design and revolutionary versatility. Currently, we are covering some major and unique Serum wavetables that will give your music life.

Now, since you have learned how to add wavetable to your Serum, it's time to get hands on some incredible and fascinating free Serum wavetables that can add life to your musical masterpiece. Tighten your seatbelts, as here we begin the most impressive journey of your life!

·        150+ Free Serum Presets And Wavetables by Rocket Powered Sound

Created by Rocket Powered Sound, this Shutdown Basses Serum pack includes some amazing wavetables. It is all you need to upbeat your musical masterpiece. Add some groovy turns and mesmerizing drops to your melody with this!

·        BassTables (Dubstep Wavetables) for by AJ Young

These are bass-oriented dubstep wavetables for Xfer Serum users. It features gritty, squelchy, and vocal textured patches to unleash on your new musical compositions.

·        25 Xfer Serum Free Wavetables by Sounds by Sancus

Add a touch of authenticity to your music with these 25 wavetables for free. These are produced by music producer, Sounds by Sancus that can add an element of surprise to your melody. These wavetables are perfect for dubstep growls and screeches.

·        2018 Advent Free Serum Pack by Antidote Audio

This is an epic pack with free Serum wavetables, presets, and what not! It consists of more than 400 exciting samples that you can use to energize your music today!

·        Free 150 Pokémon Serum Wavetables by On Cloud Sine

Exploring the depths of the sound, On Cloud Sine is paying homage to Pokémon fans. With 150 different characters in PNG format, now enjoy making unique sounds from picture to sound.

·        Free Serum Wavetables Pack by 7 Skies

7 Skies, a popular producer and sound designer has meticulously crafted the ingenious Serum wavetable allowing you to create phenomenal sound. The pack contains 65 wavetables, which are some truly amazing sounds such as, Logic Retro Synth, Waves Codex, and Waldorf Nave.


·        Free 160 Wavetables by All You Need is Live

The phenomenal music producer, All you Need is Live is providing 160 free wavetables. All of them sound amazing, mature, and can add uniqueness to your compositions.

·        Xfer Serum Free Wavetables and Presets by Sounds by Sancus

Elevate your music production journey with these incredible and fascinating Serum wavetables and presets. Sounds by Sancus is a youtuber who consistently offers Serum freebies to his subscriber. The free wavetables efficiently improve your workflow and they also save you from hassle of crating and processing your own sound patches into a waveform.

·        Various Synth Serum Wavetables by Veridian

A musician, blogger, and tech artist, Ryan Craig Martin aka Veridian has produced some awesome wavetable synths for Xfer Serum users. Add a high-quality sound to your music productions with this wavetable pack to make them more enticing and richer to hear.


Free Serum Presets That You Can Download Right Now

There are as many useful free of cost presets for Serum available as there are the paid versions. What’s amazing is that whether free or paid, the Serum presets are high quality and have optimal performance. Here are a few options of free presets that you try and install in your Serum directory.

    1. 150+ Free Serum Presets From Youtube Tutorials: Download Here
    2. Shutdown Serum Basses Pack: Download Here
    3. Graveyard Serum Basses Pack: Download Here
    4. Dark V1 Skin for Serum: Download Here


    The focus on this article was to round up some of the best yet free Serum wavetables that you can get easily add to the plugin and expand your sonic palette. Each one is impressive and of high-quality, adding wonderful rhythm to your melody. Therefore, download the wavetable packs that tickle your fancy and experiment with the sounds as much as you want.