Finally! You Can Master Serum And Become A Legendary Producer

Finally! You Can Master Serum And
Become A Legendary Producer

...Even if you know nothing about sound design

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Master Serum And Become A Legendary Producer

βœ… How to open Serum and know exactly what you need to do to create a specific sound.​

βœ… Have insane sound design that leaves your listeners wondering "how...?"​

βœ… Know all the tricks and techniques that the professionals are so damn secretive about.​

βœ… Recreate any sound you hear from scratch.​

βœ… Have your own signature sound that makes you stand out from the crowd.​

βœ… Breaking down complex sound design into simple steps

A Battle-Tested & Proven Method

The methods taught in this masterclass have been battle tested and proven across over 1,000 producers around the world. With hundreds of testimonials, this program is more proven than anything else available online. You'll get the sound design skills you deserve, without learning any nerdy theory.

9 Comprehensive Video Modules

6+ hours of premium, step-by-step video lessons on how to become a legendary producer using the Serum VST, and how to use it to consistently create professional level leveraging my best-kept, sound design techniques (techniques I have never revealed on my Youtube channel)

Bonus - The 'Creative Block Destroyer' Method

Producers always ask us how we're able to consistently produce incredible sounds. The answer? We discovered an insanely repeatable method to destroy the creative block 10/10 times. In this bonus training video, you'll learn the exact step-by-step method you can implement to destroy the creative block for good and get unlimited inspiration on command. When you implement this technique, you'll finish more tracks and make your music 5x better in 1/2 of the time!

1.) Mindset

2.) Serum In-Depth I

3.) Serum In-Depth II

4.) Leads, Chords & Pluck Techniques

5.) Bass Design Secrets

6.) Hybrid Sound Design Secrets

7.) Subs, 808s, & Textured Basses 28 mins

8.) Reverse-Engineering Methodology

9.) Advanced Serum Techniques

BONUS: The 'Creative Block Destroyer' Method

How quickly will I have access to the masterclass?

The entire Ultimate Serum Masterclass and all the included bonuses will be available directly in your Rocket Powered Sound account immediately after purchase. If you do not already have an RPS account, a signup link will be provided in your email.

How long will the masterclass be available for?

After you purchase, you will have lifetime access to the masterclass. This is a limited time offer and we're not making it available for much longer, so please check the timer on this page to see how much time is left for you to enroll. We currently don't have an official relaunch day so this is a "buy it now before it's gone" type deal. Enroll now and take advantage of the 3 exclusive bonuses while you still can.

What payment options are available?

We securely accept payments through all major credit cards and PayPal. Your payment information is never stored and is safely encrypted with 256-bit SSL technology. We respect your privacy.

What if I'm not satisfied with this masterclass?

I am SO CONFIDENT that this masterclass will have a profound effect on your music, I have decided to add an action-based 15-day satisfaction guarantee.

I poured my heart and soul into this course and the results of the producers that use it speak for themselves.

In fact, I can guarantee you will see serious improvements in your sound design within the first 24 hours of implementing what I teach.

That's right - I'm willing to GUARANTEE your results.

Because the Ultimate Serum Masterclass availability is incredibly limited and is an online product, all sales are final.

It's simple: enroll into the masterclass now and try it for yourself. If your music doesn't improve, I want you to email me. Show me 3 songs you made with the techniques in the masterclass and if you're not happy, I'll hook you up with the full amount in credit to use on any one of our courses or products. Plus, you'll get to keep your seat in the masterclass.

With this guarantee, there is no downside.

What Producers Are Saying:

Niko K.

Chris H.

Matt W.

Fellow Producer,

Let me ask you something. . .

Do you feel like there's just something "missing" from your music that everyone else seems to have?

Do you find yourself opening Serum but feeling lost and perplexed about what you should do next?

Do you spend HOURS twisting knobs just to end up with sub-par sounds that you're not satisfied with?

I understand your pain.

And that's exactly why I dedicated over 1,000+ hours in Serum, learning sound design from the ground-up to crack the “serum code”, so any producer can make the music of their dreams...

The amazing part for you is this- all the hardwork is done for you in this masterclass.

No more wasted time sifting through crappy Youtube tutorials or trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Instead, you can plug right into my easy-to-digest sound design system and start making sounds that make your music stand out today!

Click the "Add To Cart" button below and unlock your potential as a producer.

What Professionals Say About Our Products:

"It's super cool, love it. Super interesting sound design!"


Snails - 1.4 Million Followers

"Absolutely love it! The quality on every preset is insane."


Deaf Kev - 1.1 Billion Streams

"This is worth thousands of dollars, it'll change the way you produce forever."

Blake LaGrange - Grammy Winning Artist

You're Protected By An Unbeatable Guarantee

Right now you're getting this entire masterclass totally protected. If you're not completely in love with this course, simply request a return within 14 days and we'll provide you store credit in full, as long as you create three tracks using the material and show us you gave it a fair shot.* See return policy for more.