Download "Black Out" Skin For Vital For FREE!

The same synth you love, in a sleek & minimalist design

Alternate Skin for Vital Synthesizer
RPS Black Out Skin For Vital by Vital Audio is a new custom skin designed by Rocket Powered Sound. The color palette of the VST is a blacked out, minimalist aesthetic, with futuristic Green covering the Wavetables and Blue for the modulation curves.
Alternate Skin for Vital Synthesizer
Laptop with FL Studio and samples loaded

How to install Black Out Vital Skin?

  1. Download the custom Vital Skin.
  2. Open Vital VST.
  3. While holding the Alt key, right-click the menu.
  4. Choose the option "Load Skin". This will open a File Browser.
  5. Locate the .vitalskin file, choose and open it. This will load your custom skin.