rocket powered sound


We believe that having fun is the key to creating great music.

And that's our obsession at Rocket Powered Sound.

You see, the power of our creativity relies on our ability to express it.

Yet, most music creators are using dozens of clunky plugins that have hundreds of knobs that they don't really know how to use... slowing down their workflow and creating a wall between the ideas in their head and the music that they can actually create in their DAW.

That wall is what we call the "writer's block", and it leads to unfinished project files, frustration, and little-to-no progress.

And that's exactly why we are changing the game.

Our mission is simple: to create fun, simple tools that inspire creativity, instead of dull it.

By removing as many barriers to your creativity as possible, our products help you to quickly get better at your main focus as an artist: have fun while creating great music.

And our products speak for themselves. Professionals of every genre, signed to every major label openly support our plugins.

Ready to make better music and have more fun in the process?

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