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Free LoFi Presets Pack for Vital Synth VST

Where should we send your free presets?

RPS Free LoFi Presets has some of the best free presets for Vital VST. You can use these presets to make crazy beats within minutes. The pack includes some of the best 808s / subs, Basses, Keys, Lead, Sequences, and more. The sounds in this pack are inspired by producers such as Joji, Ocha, Potsu, and more.

These presets use free as well as custom wavetables and will help you find unique sounds that are easy to use. Each sound has its own timbre, expression controls, and character. The sounds use low unison, resulting in fewer CPU requirements.

Our sound designers have focused on every minor detail while designing the sounds. Each preset has a complex set of modulations so you don't have to automate the parameters while using the sounds in your projects.
Free EDM vital presets in broswer
How to install vital presets

How to install RPS - Free LoFi Presets?

  1. Open Vital in your VST host (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, etc.).
  2. Go to the Plugin menu.
  3. Select "Import bank". This will open a File Browser.
  4. Choose the file "RPS - Free LoFi Presets.vitalbank"
  5. Following these steps will add the presets in your browser."