Pack Support

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Step 1: Make sure you have an up-to-date version of the Vital
synthesizer. If you don’t already own it, you can download it for free

Step 2: Click Menu -> Import Bank

Step 3: Select preset bank from computer and click “Open”

Step 1:

Select Menu-> Show Serum Presets Folder from within Serum.

Navigate to the menu button in the top right corner of Serum in your daw.

When the menu appears, select "Show Serum Presets Folder."

Step 2:

Then, inside the now-visible "Presets" subfolder, place the folder containing your new presets.

When you click "Show Serum Presets Folder," the Presets folder in your Serum library will appear. (Whether you're on Mac or Windows, the correct file will be found.)

Simply drag your new sounds into that folder and then return to Serum within your DAW.

Note: To install wavetables or skins, simply navigate to the "Tables" or "Skins" folders, depending on what you're installing. Apart from that, the remaining steps are the same!

Step 3

When you return to Serum, select Menu again, but this time select "Rescan folders on disk."

Your new presets should now be visible in the menu/browser!

Isn't it simple?

To keep things organized, we recommend creating dedicated subfolders within your Serum library.

Folders like "downloaded packs" and "user" are excellent starting points for keeping downloaded sounds separate from sounds created from scratch!

However, it is entirely up to you how organized you want your library to be, and thankfully Serum makes this extremely simple!

Note: Make sure you have the latest version of your DAW installed to ensure smooth performance.

Ableton Instructions:

1. Unzip the folder of our FX racks

2. Drag the FX racks folder to the “Places” section of Ableton’s left sidebar.

3. This will import your presets for easy access in the future.Simply drag & drop an FX rack onto your preferred track or double click it to activate

FL Studio Instructions:

1. Search your computer for folder titled “Mixer Presets”
PC Location: /Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Presets/Mixer Presets
Mac Location: ~/Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Presets/Mixer Presets
2. Unzip the folder of our FX racks and drag it into the “Mixer Presets” folder

3. In FL Studio, locate your new FX racks on the sidebar of the “Mixer Presets” menu and simply drag & drop any FX rack onto your preferred track

Logic Pro Instructions:

1. Unzip the folder of our FX racks

2. Do a spotlight search for a folder called  “Channel Strip Settings”, and open it ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Channel Strip Settings

3. Drag our FX racks folder into the “Track” folder inside “Channel Strip Settings”

4. Open Logic Pro and click ”User Channel Strip Settings” on the left sidebar

5. Simply click on any FX rack to apply it to your preferred track (if you can’t find the folder in Logic, restart your computer)

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