Download These Insane Wavetables For FREE!

For Xfer Serum, Vital Audio, and other synths.

Vector image of a folder
RPS Graveyard Serum Basses Pack has some of the best free Xfer Serum presets for making Dubstep, Riddim, & Tear Out. You can use these sounds to make crazy drops within minutes. The pack includes some of the best Dubstep Basses, Growls, Lazers, Sequences, Synths, and more. The sounds in this pack are inspired by artists such as Excision, Barely Alive, Chime, and more.

Our sound designers have focused on every minor detail while designing the sounds. Each preset has a complex set of modulations so you don't have to automate the parameters while using the sounds in your projects.
Vital Synthesizer in alternate skin
Laptop with FL Studio and samples loaded

How to install wavetables into Serum

  1. In Serum, click Menu (top right) then "Show Serum Presets folder".
  2. Open the Tables folder - this will open Finder on Mac or File Explorer on Windows.
  3. Drag and drop the wavetables into the folder.
  4. Open Serum and press "Rescan folders on disk".