10 Best Free Vital VST Skins of 2022 - Rocket Powered Sound

In this article, we will share some of the best skins for Vital VST. Vital allows users to set custom UI color and visual features viz Knob size, Text, and more for the VST using the in-built Editor. In terms of customization, Vital is way ahead of its peers. As such let us look at some of the most popular Vital Skins.

How to design your own Vital skin?

Designing your own skin in Vital is really simple. It is a hidden feature of Vital that you can access by using Right Click on Menu while holding the Alt Key. Once you do that, a pop-up window will open that has all customization options for the Vital. Here you can control all the visual features of Vital.

How to Install Custom Skins in Vital VST?

To install a third-party skin in Vital follow these simple steps-

  1. Download the custom Vital Skin.
  2. Open Vital VST.
  3. While holding the Alt key, right-click the menu.
  4. Choose the option "Load Skin". This will open a File Browser.
  5. Locate the .vitalskin file, choose and open it. This will load your custom skin.
  6. Now you can further modify the skin however you want.

Best Free Vital Skins

  1. Black Out Skin by Rocket Powered Sound
  2. Ableton Dark by Echo Sound Works
  3. Cyan Grey by Mioseg
  4. Phaseplant by Deepspace
  5. Cyan by Outer Lives
  6. Serum Skin by Cheesy Chilli
  7. Orange by Outer Lives
  8. Promethium by CherryLeafRoad
  9. DX7 by Woody

Black Out Skin by Rocket Powered Sound

Free Vital Skin - Black Out by Rocket Powered SoundThe Black Out skin is a new custom skin designed by Rocket Powered Sound. The color palette of the VST is futuristic with Green covering the Wavetables and Blue for the modulation curves.

Ableton Dark by Echo Sound Works

Free Vital VST Skin - Ableton Dark by Echo Sound WorksJust like its name, this custom Vital VST skin is based on the dark mode of Ableton Live 10 and 11. Producers and Sound designers who use Ableton Live will find this skin satisfying to work with.

Cyan Grey by Mioseg

Free Vital VST Skin Cyan GreyThis Custom Vital skin has a minimal color palette. This skin has a clear user interface with each knob and text with its own space.

Phaseplant by Deepspace

Free PhasePlant skin for Vital VSTYou might have guessed by its name already. This custom Vital skin is designed keeping Phaseplant by KHz in mind. The skin gives Vital a perfect visual resemblance with the PhasePlant. There are 4 more Vital skins in the pack.

Cyan by Outer Lives

Free Bital skin 2022

This skin features Blue colored wavetables and a modulation curve on a dark UI background.

Serum Skin by Cheesy Chilli

Since its release Vital has been compared with Xfer Serum a lot of times. As such, The Serum Skin by Cheesy Chilli gives this rivalry a visual base. This Custom skin uses the same color palette as the Default Serum Skin.

Orange by Outer Lives

Free Vital Skins of 2022This custom Vital skin is an alternative color of Cyan by Outer Lives. This skin has a Dark BG with orange as the main color for Wavetables and Curves. This is certainly a visual candy.

Promethium by CherryLeafRoad

Free vital skin 2023

Promethium is a popular Skin of Xfer Serum. This is an alternative skin apart from the default UI of the Serum. CherryLeafRoad has recreated the same color palette for Vital. This skin has a futuristic look.

DX7 by Woody

Free Vital VST Skins

This Custom Vital skin is based on one of the most celebrated synthesizers of all time, The DX7. This skin features a classic look.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out our new Vital Skin, Free packs, VST, and the Ultimate Vital Bundle.