Best Dubstep Presets for Vital in 2022 (Free and Paid)

In this article, we will tell you about some of our favorite free and paid dubstep presets for the Vital VST plugin.

Vital is a free wavetable synth VST that has emerged as one of the most popular plugins. It has 3 wavetable oscillators, one noise/sampler, dual filter, advanced effects, and lots of modulation sources.

These properties make vital one of the best VST plugins for producing Dubstep music.

Before we dive into our top 10 picks make sure to check out ultimate vital bundle; a great collection of best presets for Vital VST.

Best Dubstep Preset Packs for Vital(Free and Paid)

  1. Ultimate Vital Bundle by Rocket Powered Sound
  2. Apostle - Dubstep for Vital by Black Lotus Audio
  3. Free Vital VST presets by Proven Sound
  4. Dubstep Revitalized by Wubbaduck
  5. Bossfight: Brostep For Vital

Ultimate Vital Bundle by Rocket Powered Sound

The ultimate Vital Bundle is one of the best-preset collections for Vital. It features lots of amazing Dubstep presets and wavetables. The best part about these presets is their capability to sit right in your song structure and mixdown.

Best dubstep presets for Vital VST


The detailed sound design of the presets in this pack provides some of the most amazing Bass, Sequences, Plucks, Leads, Keys, and more.

Apostle - Dubstep for Vital by Black Lotus Audio

Apostle is a free Dubstep preset pack for Vital; designed by Black Lotus Audio. Although this preset pack is free, its sound is high quality.

The pack is inspired by artists like Virtual Riot, Zomboy, and Barely Alive. There are 11 dubstep bass presets, 10 dubstep lead presets, and 5 versatile sequence presets in the bank.

    Free Vital VST presets by Proven Sound

    This free vital bank is designed by Proven Sound. Although this pack is part of a paid bundle, you can get this individual pack for free.

    This preset pack includes 25 Vital synths presets:

    • 1 Arp
    • 7 Basses
    • 5 Keys
    • 3 Leads
    • 3 Pads
    • 6 Plucks

    These presets are useful not just for Dubstep, but also for other genres like Chill, House, Progressive, etc.

    Dubstep Revitalized by Wubbaduck

    This Vital preset pack sounds similar to Spaces Laces, Eliminate, Subtronics, Excision, Virtual Riot, etc. Apart from amazing presets for Vital VST, this pack also contains some outstanding samples. 
    This pack is designed by Wubbaduck for Black Octopus.
    The pack contains
    • 16 Bass Loops
    • 18 Drum One Shots
    • 6 Melodic Loops and
    • 68 Vital VST presets

    Bossfight: Brostep For Vital

    Another great preset pack from Black Lotus. This preset pack is designed by Bossfight. The pack features powerful basses, driving leads, melodic keys, dark pads, and hyped-up SFX presets. 
    There are 100 high-quality presets in the pack that includes:
    • 60 Powerful Basses
    • 15 Melodic Keys & Plucks
    • 10 Driving Leads
    • 10 Hyped-Up SFX
    • 5 Dark Pads
    • 20 Premium Wavetables

    Final Thoughts

    These were the best free and paid Dubstep presets for vital. Make sure to check out our ultimate vital bundle for more amazing presets for Vital and other popular VST plugins. Thanks for Reading!