Best Free and Paid Reverb VSTs of 2023

Reverb is an essential effect in music production, used to add depth and dimension to your tracks. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, finding the right reverb plugin can make all the difference. With so many options on the market, both free and paid, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to use. To help you choose, we've put together a comprehensive guide to the best reverb VSTs of 2023. In this blog, you'll discover the best free and paid options, so you can make an informed decision and take your music production to the next level.

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Types of Reverb

1. Hall Reverb

It reflects the sound of a concert hall. Because of their gigantic size, they have long decays — even as long as several seconds. Hall verbs are used for orchestral arrangements as they are good for adding space to strings and vocals. They are popular for adding up a  nice effect to the instruments. Hall reverbs are thick, layered sounds, thus sounding huge in isolation.

2-Chamber Reverb

Chamber reverbs are more like room reverbs as they produce clear, lush, and ambient sounds retaining higher levels of clarity. They can add up an extra boost of energy to a track as they sound great on all types of instruments including vocals, drums, and strings.

3-Room Reverb

Where our sources of sounds are present, in a  room rather than in halls we prefer room reverb. It is an ambiance of a normal room with flat surfaces and parallel walls, having imperfections but this reverb can create a sense of life in the sound. This reverb produces the perfect level of depth and color to a mix for any instrument, whether it be vocals, guitar, drums, pianos, etc. 

4- Plate reverb

Produced the sound output just like a metallic plate. Thus the frequency is higher as compared to other reverbs.  Plate reverb has a unique, bright tone that helps boost the presence of any sound, adding a subtle ‘pop’ to a mix if added correctly.

Best Free and Paid Reverb VSTs of 2023

Relab LX480 

Best Reverb VST Plugins 2023

Price: $349

System Requirements:

MAC 10.9 and above (VST, AU, AAX)64-bit 

Windows 7 and above(VST/AAX)64-bit.

Description and Features:

The reverb Relab LX 480 is the only dual-engine reverb plugin that gives you more flexibility and control for creating deep and wide mixes.

It is based on four reverb algorithm emulations for delivering rich texture and lush spacious reverb tails.

It gives an outstanding sound quality with the inbuilt high and low-frequency cut-offs.

For better shaping of sounds, additional filter structures hold the flexibility to give you a rapid workflow with simple key reverb settings and other features.

It also includes a high-definition 32-bit algorithm for widening sounds.

Now you can get the same reverb sound natively in your DAW with the Relab LX480 essentials.

The all-time renowned plugin used in classical songs and films.

A must-buy reverb plugin for creative and enthusiastic sound designers. 

Valhalla Vintage verb 

Best Reverb VST Plugins 2023 - Valhalla Vintage VerbPrice: $50

System Requirements:

Available for OSX and Windows operating systems with other supportable formats(AAX64, RTAS, VST32 and VST64)

Description and Features:

Vintage verb represents 15 reverb algorithms which range from plates, halls, and ambiance including specialized algorithms like nonlinear, chorused, and dirty spaces.

It includes several presets for the best results when they are timely tuned with the tracks.

One of its unique features is the switchable color control for transforming sounds.

Based on two modes, one is of the 1970s which runs at a lower sampling rate of dark and noisy modulation producing random side bands and sustained notes intentionally.

Another is the 1980s mode but it runs at a full sampling rate for the production of brighter sounds than that of the 1970s mode.

Vahalla reverb is a multi-purpose reverb with 15 reverb algorithms and three color modes which is user-friendly and very simple to use. Vahalla reverb brings life to your instruments with a wide range of delays and other effects. This plugin is highly recommended for reverb users.

Denise Audio Perfect Room Reverb 

Best Reverb VST Plugins 2023Price:  €45.92 

System Requirements:

For Mac and windows operating systems.

Functions as a Vst plugin, audio units plugin, Vst3, and an AAX plugin. 

Description and Features:

Denise Audio's Perfect room reverb is an invention based on TXverb technology without using delays to generate the reverb tails.

It has five room types and three different tail shapes.

This plugin is used for the enhancement and coloration of audio in a creative manner which gives a perfect tightness for a great sound when applied on low sources such as drums, basses, toms, and synths.

For lead instruments, clarity and presence can be retained with zero metallic resonance.

It creates a wide stereo reverb from a mono source without phasing.

The modulation section of this plugin includes a shimmer, de-tune, and an internal ducker.

For a pure balancing sound, it can be used on buses, single tracks, and even on the whole track while mastering your mix.

This plugin works magically for producing sounds that every sound engineer or sound designer desires. 

Dragonfly Reverb

Best Free Reverb VST 2023 - Dragonfly Reverb VSTPrice: Free

System Requirements:

Works on both Mac and windows operating systems in VST format.

Description and features:

Created by Michael Willis, Dragonfly reverb is free, packed with four DSP based reverbs for creating an amazing space and warmth to your sounds.

The Dragonfly hall reverb is used as a concert hall reverb with few presets which represents studio, rooms, and chambers reverb effects based on Hibiki reverb and uses Moore's early reflection model.

Dragonfly room reverb includes room presets with some hall and effect presets based on ProG reverb and also uses Moorer's early reflection model.

Dragonfly plate reverb is a mono-to-stereo reverb that is based NVerb and STRev from Preverb3 Vst.

Dragonfly early reflections reverb plugin is also based on Moore's early reflection model and with the same algorithm as the hall and plate reverb.

The Dragonfly hall, room, and plate reverb plugins also have an inbuilt spectogram to analyze the reverb parameters. 

Waves H Reverb  

Best Reverb Effect VST 2023 - Waves H ReverbPrice: $35.99

System Requirements:

macOS and Windows (64-bit)

Formats support AAX native, AU, VST2, and VST3(64-bit)

Description and features: 

Waves H Reverb is powered by FIR(finite impulse response)technology which provides deep and rich reverb tails to the mix with a crispy sound effect.

This reverb plugin is built with analog modeling holding a drive control and also enables input drive preferred by most of the top sound engineers.

It also includes beautiful artists presets by renowned mixing engineers providing superb sound quality to your creations.

Waves H Reverb lets you shape the decay envelopes in a non-linear way which results in the perfection of gated, reverse, and dense reverb tails.

Having a user-friendly GUI with a graph that allows you to see the changes made to the reverb with total control of all parameters.

The plugin also offers a resonant filter and pre-delay Bpm sync.

H reverb plugin is a superior-sounding reverb holding many features in a single plugin.

FabFilter Pro Reverb 

Best Reverb VSTs 2023 - FabFilter Pro-RPrice: 169

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8, 7 compatibilities. Both 64/32-bit.

VST 2/3 host or pro tools.

macOS 10.12 or higher(64-bit only)

AU or VST 2/3 host or pro tools.

Intel or silicon processor.

Description and features:

Fab Filter pro reverb is one of the most popular reverb effects used in audio production. It is a user-friendly reverb plugin with common controls and does not need too much technicality.

One of the most important features of this plugin is shaping the decay time over the frequency spectrum adjustment with its decay rate equalizer.

Features with attractive retina interface and room models with ease to fit in the mix.

The plugin also features a character control with which you can make your vocals sound like a live chorus with clear reflections and echoes.

The mix knob holding a lock mix option helps to load presets without disturbing the actual mix settings.

It also offers a full-screen mode for your easy workflow.

A great plugin for all users who want to enhance their mix or vocals with the grace of a reverb effect.

Slate Digital Verbsuite Classics  

Slate Digital VerbSuite Classic - Best Classic Reverb SuitePrice: $149

System Requirements:

Works on both Mac and windows operating systems.

Requires a 2nd Generation iLok or higher for authorization.

Description and features:

Packed with the eight most-used industry digital reverb plugins verb suite classics was produced in partnership with Liquidsonics.

It is the first third-party plugin that uses the Fusion-IR processing technology to capture the real tone-modeled reverb for the first time.

The reverb models include the popular FG480, FG250, FG2016, FG-QRS, and many more.

These models feature highly breakable attack, decay, width, and chorus controls.

They also include 3-band EQ for shaping the color and wet/dry controls can be used for the adjustment of your mix.

The preset system enhances your workflow by using predefined configurations and an A/B system for comparing settings.

They give great dimension to your mixes and adding this package to your reverb collection can create wonders. 

T-Racks Hall Reverb

Best Reverb VSTs of 2023 - T Racks CBR reverbPrice: $49.99

System Requirements:

Fully compatible with native 32 and 64-bit applications.

Works on both Mac and Windows OS.

Supports VST, RTAS, AAX, and audio unit plugin formats.

Also, be used with the R-Racks CS standalone application.

Description and features;

The plugin with a dual nature, CSR hall reverb holds an easy mode through which the controls are easily visible and can be operated firmly by the tweaking knobs making your workflow faster and at your fingertips.

On the other hand, the advanced mode lets you tweak as much as you need it. This mode gives you more parameters for tweaking and fine-tuning.

This reverb focuses on the recreation of the sound of large spaces and halls.

This hall reverb works best on vocals and also on solo instruments giving it a 3D quality of the result.

Neoverb by iZotope 

iZotop Neoverb Best AI Reverb VST pluginPrice: $49.50

System Requirements:

Works on Mac OS and windows 10 and 11 

Supported on Intel macs & Apple silicon macs.

Plugin formats-AX, AU, VST2, and VST3.

Description and features:

Yes! The plugin that Listens!!

Neo verb is a reverb plugin that listens to the audio and also creates a custom reverb preset accordingly. It is the smartest reverb plugin in the field of music production.

Featuring with a Blend pad which helps in creating a unique reverb tail that can fit best to your track by blending three different reverbs moreover with an automatic flow.

Get rid of muddy mixes with the Masking meter with an inter-plugin communication technique.

Including this, you can add subtle animation to the reverb through the Mod pad along with quick dial-up of the X/Y  pad. The Pitch mode and Random mode make it easy to pitch shift or if you want to produce a randomized modulation effect.

Reverb assistant can create a great reverb effect in real-time.

To create an impressive and professional mix with space and depth, the Neoverb plugin is a way to get ahead in the music world with stability and creativity.


Universal Audio Lexicon 224

UAD Lexicon 224 VST - Best Reverb VST for synths

Price: $349 

System Requirements:

Compatible with both macOS and Windows.

Functions as a Vst plugin and audio units plugin.

An RTAS and an AAX plugin 

Description and features:

Universal Audio Lexicon 224 is one of the most popular names on the list of well-known reverb plugins. Famous for its almost single-handled lush reverb tail and its classic lush Lexi character.

The plugin offers eight different reverb types and six sliders in its lower section by which the bass, mid, decay time, and reverb depth can be controlled independently.

Additionally, there's an algorithm for activating the 224's chorus through algorithm switches or via control-click.

With the help of the crossover slider, the frequencies can be easily determined with high flexibility.

Moreover, it also features artist presets from famous lexicon224 users.

This plugin makes can make your sound beautiful to the ears whether you apply it on vocals or other instruments giving it a rich and sweet flavor.


In conclusion, reverb VSTs play a crucial role in shaping the sound of music production. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, there are a variety of options available to fit your needs. With the list of the best free and paid reverb VSTs of 2023, you can choose the right tool to enhance your audio tracks and take your music to the next level. So, whether you prefer a natural or surreal soundscape, these reverb VSTs have got you covered. So, go ahead and experiment with different VSTs and find the one that best suits your style and requirements. Happy producing!