Best Free and Paid Trap Presets for Vital Synth VST

In this article, we will tell you about our favorite free and paid Trap preset packs for Vital VST synth.

Vital is one of the most amazing synths for designing trap sounds. Thanks to its 3 wavetable oscillators, one Sampler, Dual filter, and series of FX, it is very easy to create a variety of timbre. Furthermore, Vital has great modulation possibilities thanks to its 8 LFOs and series of envelopes and controls; which can modulate most parameters within the plugin.

Let us look at some of the best free and paid Trap preset packs for Vital.

  1. RPS - Free Trap Presets
  2. Angelic Vibes
  3. Phase - AZM Music
  4. Ultimate Vital Bundle by RPS
  5. Essential TRAP by Heyquex
  6. Organic - AZM Music


RPS - Free Trap Presets

The first pack on our list is the Free Trap Preset Pack by Rocket Powered Sound. The sounds in this pack are inspired by producers such as Metro Boomin, Wheezy, Southside, and more.

Free Trap Presets Pack for Vital Synth VST

The sounds in the pack are high quality, have dedicated macro controls, and recreation of some of the most popular trap sounds.

Angelic Vibes Vital Presets

Designed for EDM, these presets will give your tracks a solid kick, bass, pads, and leads. They are also perfect for R&B and Trap productions. You will also receive a custom skin for Vital. You will need a valid email address to download these free Vital presets.

The free Vital presets are designed to be used with the free version of the Vital synthesizer. You can download these presets in soundbank form or download a demo version. The free demo version has seven presets.

Phase - AZM Music

AZM Music offers the Phase Vital Presets pack, which contains 10 amazing presets for keys, pads, bass, and more. These presets will help you to produce hip-hop, Trap, and dubstep tracks with ease.

RPS - Ultimate Vital Bundle

The ultimate Vital Bundle by Rocket Powerd Sound is a collection of 120 outstanding presets. The Ultimate Vital Bundle is useful for making Progressive, House, Slap House, Phonk, Dubstep, Trap, and many other genres; it is a universal soundbank.

The sounds of this pack are designed by the best sound designers in the business. You can get it for just $27.

Essential TRAP by Heyquex

This bank of presets is perfect for producers who produce Trap, Drill, Cloud Rap, Mumble Rap, Emo Rap, and etc

The pack contains

  • 7 bass
  • 4 bells
  • 1 flute
  • 1 Granular Experimental
  • 2 Keys
  • 1 Lead
  • 1 Organo
  • 1 Pad
  • 3 Percs
  • 2 Plucks
  • 2 sound effects

Organic - AZM Music

Whether you are looking for the perfect sound for your next track or for a quick fix, you will find that the free Vital presets pack has everything you need. If you are looking for an epic-sounding dubstep bass or a simple lo-fi sound, the free pack has it all.

The pack includes 63 Vital presets. This pack contains basses, leads, pads, and plucks. It also includes sequences and FX. You will also find that the free pack is compatible with a number of different styles, including Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic, and Trap.

Content No. of Presets
Bass Presets
Keys Presets
Lead Presets
Pad Presets
Sequence Presets
Other (FX, Percussion, Experimental)

 Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out our Free Vital preset packs as well the ultimate Vital VST bundle.