Best Free and Premium Phonk sample packs

In this article, we will share our top picks for the best phonk sample packs of 2023. Phonk has emerged as a popular genre in recent years, even taking over genres like Trap and Future Bass. As more and more artists are showing interest in this music genre, we decided to prepare an ultimate list of Phonk sample packs.

Rocket Powered Sound Phonk Toolkit

The Phonk Toolkit by Rocket Powered Sound is a collection of amazing Phonk Samples. The pack includes 20 drum loops, 10 percussion loops, 30 Cymbals, 25 Kick Drums, 25 Snare Drums, 20 Claps, 30 Hi-Hats, 15 Perc One Shots, Phonk vocal loops, and more.

Phonk Sample Pack by Rocket Powered Sound

This pack is inspired by major Phonk producers and designed by professional sound designers.

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VST 4 Free Phonk Sample Pack + Serum Presets

Another great Phonk sample pack is VST 4 Free. This pack includes both samples and VST Presets for Sfer Serum. It is a free sample pack with lots of amazing free phonk samples, cowbells, drum kits, and more.

Free Phonk Sample Pack

The best feature of this pack is the Serum presets. Unlike most Phonk presets out there which depend heavily on resampling, most of the presets in this pack use pure oscillators, generating a perfect timbre for all presets.

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Paradox By Cymatics

This phonk sample pack is great for those producers looking for authentic Phonk Cowbells, Drum One Shots, and drum loops. The melodies in the pack, however, aren’t the best out there.

This pack is filled with signature phonk cowbells, kicks, snares, Hi-Hats, Claps, loops, and vocals.

There are 439 total files in the pack with a download size of 1.35GB. You can buy this amazing pack from the official Cymatics website for just $35.

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Clutch is an amazing sample pack for phonk music. This sample pack is designed by DixonBeats and ErrorTheProducer. The pack contains 15 Phonk construction kits and an amazing Phonk VST plugin.

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LANDR Phonk Samples

LANDR has a collection of 129 phone-attributed samples and loops. These samples come with the LANDR subscription plan. The pack includes

  • 52 drum loops
  • 17 bass loops
  • 20 lead loops
  • 10 synth loops

along with many one-shot drums and synths.

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Neurotic Phonk House Sample Pack by BVKER

The Neurotic Phonk House is a collection of phonk house samples. This pack include 934 total files with a download size of 1.05GB.

The pack includes –

  • 72 Bass Loops (Dry & Sidechained)
  • 36 Bass Loop MIDIs
  • 16 Bass One Shots
  • 36 Cowbell Melodies
  • 36 Cowbell MIDIs
  • 30 Cowbell One Shots
  • 77 Drum Loops & Fills
  • 247 Cymbals, Hats & Shaker
  • 254 Drum Hits
  • 95 FX, Atmos & Pads

You can get this amazing sample pack from the official website of BVKER for just €20.00.

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Thanks for reading! We hope that you will be able to find the best free and premium phonk sample packs with the help of our guide. Make sure to check out our free Car Test VST Plugin, free sample packs, VST presets, and Thickify Macro effect VST.