Best Free Music Production Software(DAW) of 2022

In this article, we will look at some of the most popular and outstanding free Digital Audio Workstations(DAW) available in the market IN 2022.
Free DAW is the best alternative to expensive music production software like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc. But they have the same functions and creative freedom as the paid DAW.
So if you are interested in building a career in music production and looking for free software alternatives; keep reading.


Soundbridge is one of the best free DAW available in the market. The best feature of this DA W is its simplicity. Soundbridge features a clean user interface with all necessary features required to record, mix, arrange, and master the music.
Soundbridge is available for windows and mac. It supports VST instruments and effects as well. There are inbuilt drum machines along with other necessary plugins. However, SoundBridge lacks the features and plugins of a standard DAW.

Studio One 5 Prime

Studio One 5 Prime is the latest update of the Studio One series. Prime is their introductory version; which is free!
Studio One 5 Prime
The best feature of Studio One Prime is the number of Unlimited audio and instrument tracks, virtual instruments, and FX channels. This is something even pro-DAWs like FL Studio do not have. However, a huge Drawback of prime is its incompatibility with VSTs.
The single interface of Studio one gives a great deal of mixing, mastering, and arrangement environment. It also comes with a series of outstanding plugins.
Studio One 5 Prime is available for both Windows and macOS. It only works for 64-bit operating systems.

MPC Beats

MPC Beats is the only DAW especially made for creating beats. It is suitable for creating Trap, Hip-Hop, Downtempo, and other related genres.
MPC Beats features a very simple user interface, 16 pads for live beat play and record option, Piano Roll, Sample Editor, and a Browser. It is a complete package for arranging, mixing, and mastering beats.
The drawback of MPC beats is the limited number of audio tracks and incompatibility with macOS.

Cubase Lite(LE)

Cubase LE is the free version of Cubase. It is a great tool for simple recording, composition, and mixing projects. Cubase LE is also a great tool for brainstorming new song ideas.
Cubase Lite(LE) 
This free DAW features Chord pads, Chord Track, and Chord assistant, along with other amazing editing tools for audio and midi. It also has a great collection of amazing sample libraries.
The DAW is limited to 16 audio and 24 instrument tracks with the capacity to record 8 audio tracks. Cubase LE is available for Windows as well as macOS.

Tracktion Waveform Free

 Tracktion has emerged as one of the top audio tech companies in recent years. Their creative approach to plugins and software has made them famous among music producers. Waveform Free is the free DAW developed by Tracktion. It is a complete solution for anything music-related.
 Tracktion Waveform Free
The plugin features a series of great-sounding effects. The UI is clean and modern. Waveform Free also supports VST and Audio Units. Just like Studio One prime, Waveform free features unlimited audio tracks.


 Audacity is one of the oldest DAWs available in the market. It is open-source software, capable of basic audio editing and enhancement functions. It is good for audio recording and editing. However, it isn't capable of songwriting or virtual instrument playback and arrangement.
Audacity supports VST and Audio Unit plugins, giving endless creativity in audio editing. It is a great tool for recording and editing Podcasts, Voiceovers, etc.


Garageband offers a lot of content and an intuitive interface that encourages experimentation and pushing limits. It comes with a variety of professional effects. Garageband supports 16-bit and 24-bit audio, as well as 44.1 kHz sample rates. In addition, it can edit MIDI files and supports a variety of output formats.
Although Garageband is not as feature-rich as other paid DAWs, it's a good choice for both beginners and professional musicians. It offers professional quality for a low budget and is easy to use. It also comes pre-installed on most Apple computers. Its simplicity makes it a perfect choice for beginners or those on a budget.


Thanks for reading! We hope that this list will help you find the best free music production software as per your requirments. Although many of these free DAW lacks in features compared to the premium ones, they are still capable of performing most crucial tasks required for music production.