Best Free and paid Reverb and Ambience VST Plugins 2023

High-quality reverb is an essential tool for audio engineers and music producers. Here's a list of some of the best high-quality reverb vst plugins available on the internet.

This list is not based on general internet opinion. Rather, we have spent a lot of time playing with many reverb plugins, looking into their features and compatibility, software requirements, pricing, and on top of that how they affect the overall sound.
This list will help you choose the best reverb plugins; both in free and paid categories.

What is Reverb and why is it important in music production?

Reverberation happens when the sound coming out of the audio source reflects from various surfaces available in the surrounding(Hall, Cave, Vally, Arena, etc)
Modern vst plugins used by Music Producers and Audio engineers however use specific algorithms to emulate these environments within the software. These plugins can control various parameters like decay, early reflections, mono, and stereo features, diffusion, modulation, etc.
Reverb is the most used effect in music production, sound design, and other areas of audio processing. Reverb adds life to the dry audio signal and makes them more alive and realistic. Reverb can also add atmosphere and realism to the sound. For example, you can emulate the effect of an area, hall, or kitchen using a reverb unit.

Types of Reverb and where to use them

We will get to the free reverb vst list in a minute, first I want to share another piece of important information that will help you understand the types of reverb and which one you should use in your project.
There are thirteen main categories of reverb.

Acoustic Reverbs

Acoustic verbs are reverberation generated by closed rooms and chambers. Most VST Plugins recreates Acoustic reverb. This type includes normal rooms, special big halls, and cathedral as well as specially designed studio chambers. There are four main subcategories of acoustic reverb.
  • Room - Reverb Unit emulating a small room(bedroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc), this type of reverb adds weight to the Low and Lower mid-frequency range. It works great on drums.

  • Chamber - These type of reverb plugins emulates specially designed room for recording purposes. Abbey Road Chambers and T-Racks Sunset Sound Studio Reverb are great examples of Chamber reverb. Each chamber has its own unique character and can add amazing characters to Vocals, Guitar, Drums, etc.

  • Cathedral - A much longer reverb effect with a longer decay time. This type of verb can be used for low-tempo songs to fill up the space and create a lush atmosphere.

  • Ambiance - Lots of producers can be confused in this type for a very long and surrounding verb sound, but that's totally wrong. The ambiance is nothing like that. This type of reverb has a very short decay(almost negligible), it has Early reflection that helps the dry audio in getting a more glued and soft tail. This reverb works wonders on the bus.

  • Hall - This type is used to recreate the concert Halls, Stadiums, and other specially designed environments for performance purposes.


Mechanical Reverb

 It's hard to record every single piece of steam in a chamber, we are low on options, and it's a lengthy process. The development of the Mechanical Reverb unit was the breakthrough to this complex process. A mechanical device that gave much control over the reverb characteristics, was cheaper and easier to use.

There are 2 main types of Mechanical Reverbs.

  • Plate Reverb - This mechanical reverb effect is achieved by using a metal sheet and vibrating it using the audio source(just like a speaker cone). The result is a dark reverb with a fast attack. T Rack CR5 Plate is an excellent VST Plugin that emulates plate reverb.

  • Spring Reverb - Unlike Plate Reverbs, Spring verbs couldn't get that popular and weren't used to a great extent. But still, the principle is fairly interesting and similar to the plate reverb. Instead of using a metal sheet, a Spring reverb uses a Spring for recreating the reverb effect.


Digital Reverb

 All modern reverb emulations fall under this category. This reverb is created using various algorithms and acoustic recordings(e.g. Impulse response)

There are different digital reverb types available today.

  • Convolution Reverb - This is a reverb based on the impulse response, Basically, you can record an impulse in an acoustic environment and use it inside the effect plugin to recreate the same environment.

  • Shimmer Reverb - This reverb became very popular during the 90s thanks to electronic music. Simply, this is a reverb that is lifted an octave up making the higher frequency range prominent.

  • Other reverb - We also have Gated reverbs, reverse verb, Non-Linear reverb etc.


Top 10 Free Reverb and Ambient vst plugins

These plugins are compatible with various Digital Audio Workstations (DAW - Cubase, Logic Pro, ProTools, Ableton Live, Reaper, OBS, Presonus Studio One, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Nuendo, WaveLab, GarageBand, Vegas, SoundForge, Audition, Samplitude, Digital Performer, Mixcraft, Bitwig Studio, Edius, etc.)

1. OrliRiver by Denis Tihanov

The number 1 spot in our best free reverb plugin list goes to OrliRiver. Originated from Ukrain, The plugin uses an amazing algorithmic with a modern approach to creating various organic and experimental reverb environments thanks to variations in early reflection and reverb tail. The sound quality of this plugin is outstanding.

The plugin is available in VST/VST3 version for both windows and mac.

About the plugin

OrliRiver has a rather simple user interface with outstanding features.

  • Damp, diffusion, room size, pre-delay, stereo width, and High damping.

  • A dedicated multiband gain and Equalizer.

  • 12 types of early reflection.

  • 5 types of reverb tail.

System Requirements

Windows - Windows7 and above.

Mac - Mac OS X 10.8 and up.

Free Download

2. Voxengo OldSkoolVerb


Voxengo OldSkoolVerb is another outstanding reverb plugin that can produce a clean reverb effect for you. Music producers from all music styles love to use this plugin for its unique color and smooth output. The plugin also emulates the classic plate reverb effect. The plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX. 

About the plugin

  • Plate, Room, and Hall reverberation.

  • Stereo reverb.

  • 5 Reverb modes.

  • A/B comparison for different settings.

  • Undo/Redo support.

  • Low and High Damping, Stereo width, Room size, Pre-delay, and more settings.

System Requirments

 Voxengo OldSkoolVerb is Available for Windows 7 and up as well as macOS 10.11 and higher in VST, VST3, AU and AAX format.

3. Convology XT by Wavearts

 Doesn't matter how expensive the reverb plugin you are using, You must get the ConvologyXT. The reason is very simple, we do not have any good free convolution reverb plugin in the market except the ConvologyXT. The plugin has both free and paid versions. The paid one has lots of other impulses to choose from.
Best free reverb vst plugins 2022 - Convology XT

About ConvologyXT

 Convology XT is a totally different concept. The free version of this convolution reverb features around 130 vintage reverb models, Amps, and rare hardware units.

A few examples are DSP models from the 80s and 90s. Boingy, Bright and Warm spring reverb, Vintage Amps, German DSP, and Plate reverb. 

This plugin not only adds a nice reverb but also an outstanding harmonic richness to your instruments, guitars vocals, and other audio channels. 

The VST has the following features -

  • Scale - Stretch and Decay.

  • Modulation with depth and rate control.

  • IR Settings with Normalization and reverse reverb.

  • Inbuilt Equalizer.

  • Start time and ADSR(Attack, Decay, Hold, Release) settings for the impulse.

System Requirments

Convology XT is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX format for Windows and Mac.

4 EpicVerb by Variety of Sounds 


This reverb works wonders on vocals and drums thanks to its clean output. EpicVerb does not introduce any resonance, unnecessary inharmonic frequencies, or artifacts, giving a super clean reverb.

About EpicVerb VST plugin

EpicVerb has 2 different reverb modes with 6 types of early reflections. My favorite thing about this effect plugin is the control the early reflection and tonality of the overall sound.

System Requirments

Epicverb is available for PC in VST format.


5. Valhalla Supermassive(KVR Reader's Choice 2021)

Best free Reverb vst plugins 2022 - Valhalla Supermassive

This one is my personal favorite as far as free Reverb effect plugins go!!!

Valhalla Supermassive has been selected as the best free effect plugin by KVR readers for a fair reason. This little vst provides a big range of delay and reverb models to choose from, ideal for creating room as well as ambiance environment.

About Valhalla Super Massive VST plugin

Supermassive has a very simple and easy-to-use user interface. There are 14 different Reverb-Delay modes, each with its own unique character and space.

The modes are -


Fast Attack, Short decay and high density.


Fast-ish attack, shorter decay, low to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)


Medium attack, longer decay, medium to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)


Slow attack, longer decay, high echo density

Great Annihilator

Medium attack, very long decay, medium to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)


Slowest attack, very long decay, very high echo density


Fast attack, shorter decay, low echo density


Fast attack, shorter decay, medium echo density

Large Magellanic Cloud

Long reverb, LOOOONG repeating echoes, long decay, medium attack


Long reverb, VERY LONG repeating echoes, long decay, slow attack

Cirrus Major

Low/medium echo density, strange repeating patterns, fast attack

Cirrus Minor

Low echo density, strange repeating patterns, fast attack, smaller than Cirrus Major


Initially low echo density that quickly builds to long and lush reverbs, mysterious repeating patterns, fast attack


the much bigger version of Cassiopeia. Low echo density that can build to enormous reverbs, fast attack, strange resonances, and repeating patterns.



6. Protoverb by U-he 

Best free reverb effect plugins 2022 - Protoverb by U-he

U-he is one of the leading audio software developer companies. The German developers have released a free experimental reverb plugin called Protoverb.

The vst is free for download and works in a totally opposite direction to most reverb plugins.

About U-he Protoverb VST Plugin

Protoverb is a hit-and-trial effect. You have to put random codes in the vst to generate realistic room reverb.

The plugin has a Decay, Dry and Wet knob along with a preset directory and a code panel.

Modern reverb plugins focus on creating clean reverb, thus avoiding any resonance.

Protoverb on the other hand uses resonance to simulate realistic room environments. The longer the sustain, the more the resonance. This vst is excellent for adding cool harmonic excitement with realistic reverb.

The plugin has a large number of premade presets to choose from.

System Requirments

Protoverb is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX format for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mac - OS X 10.9 or newer

Windows - Windows 7 and higher

Linux - Glibc version 2.28 or newer


7. TAL-Reverb-4

Best free reverb vst plugins 2022 - TAL Reverb-4

TAL-Reverb 4 is a free reverb vst available for Windows, Mac, and Linus. This is a versatile plugin that works on all Hosts, DAW, and plugin setups.

About TAL-Reverb-4 vst Plugin

TAL has greatly improved Reverb-4 compared to its predecessor. The user interface especially has gone through massive changes. The knobs are fluid and controls are easy to use.

TAL reverb-4 adds a vintage-sounding reverb which is very good for adding color and excitation to vocals and drums. You can use it on other channels as well but it's not so successful compared to other free reverb plugins.

System Requirments

Windows: Windows 7 or higher (64-bit host)

OS X: 10.9 or higher (64-bit host). Universal Binary 2 with native Apple M1 support.

AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or higher (64 bit).

LINUX: 64 bit / Ubuntu 18 or similar.


8. Panagement 2.0 free Edition by Auburn sounds

Made for Audiophiles!! That's what I will say about this beautiful piece of software.

Best free reverb vst plugins 2022 - Panagement 2.0

Panagement is the next generation reverb that can simulate real-life environments. This reverb vst can generate the most basic reverb as well as perform complex stereo functions like Binaural Distance Panner, Reverb to Delay injection, Distance Modeling, and more.

About Panagement VST Plugin

The free version of the effect does not has the delay and chip function, but that doesn't mean it lacks punch. You can still model the environment easily and modulate the parameters with LFO.

Main Plugin Features -
  • 5 native Reverb models - Concert, Heaven, Wood, Cave, and Dark.

  • Control over distance, Phase, Tilt, Pan, and Gain.

  • Modulation option through LFO(free and sync).

  • Free and Sync pre-delay.

System Requirments

Panagement 2.0 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux in VST, VST3, Audio Unit, and AAX format.


9. Spacelifter 3 by Team Fanan

I have no idea why this is free, I mean this is one of the best utility reverb plugins I have ever used. Spacelifter 3 is a Modular Reverb with additional space modules. The use of this free vst far surpasses any other free plugins thanks to its individual modules working together.

Best free reverb vst plugins 2022 - Spacelifter 3

About Spacelifter 3 VST Plugin

Unlike many reverb plugins that combine all functions in a simple user interface, Spacelifter is divided into small modules doing their own things.

The main modules of Spacelifter are

  • Frequency Range Module - This function filters specific frequencies of the wet signal, giving a great sounding reverb.

  • LFO Module - Consisting of 5 motion engines, this module creates a vibrato and/or gate.

  • Ping Pong module - Creating a constant or immediate panning movement.

  • Sidechain Module - An excellent feature is that sidechain wet signal with respect to the dry signal, creating a clean mix.

Spacelifter is available for Windows in VST format.


10 Cinematic Reverb

At first, this legacy plugin was a bet for me, since it was made back in 2005 I wasn't expecting that much from it. Until I loaded it on my vocal bus.

This effect plugin emphasizes the lower mid-frequency, using a slapback type echo but with soft transients.

The result is a beautiful and rich sound. This plugin works great before the main reverb.

Best paid Reverb VST plugins in 2023

So far we have looked into some of the best free reverb vst plugins. Now let us check some premium effect plugins as well.

I have selected the plugins based on VST price, output quality, algorithm, CPU efficiency, presets, and ease of use.


1. FabFilter | Pro-R(€169)


The FabFilter Pro-R is an all-in-one reverb and delay plugin that has been designed to be easy to use and set up. With the intuitive user interface and sample-accurate automation, this plug-in is easy to learn and get started with. There's a lot to like about the FabFilter, so it's a good idea to take a look at its many features before you make the purchase. 

About Fabfilter Pro-R VST Plugin

The FabFilter Pro-R comes with a step-less Space control and is able to simulate the decay time of a signal. The decay time varies across the frequency spectrum, so this tool will automatically choose a matching one. Moreover, this EQ comes with six-band parametric EQ, which provides more flexibility in shaping decay time characteristics. For the best sound quality, a 32-bit Mac or PC with a GPU is recommended.

The Pro-R has a flexible user interface and is easy to use. The team at FabFilter understands space and UI design, and the result is software that will make you sound great! The FabFilter team has also done their homework, and the product line is top-tier. The price is very reasonable, and the sound quality is outstanding. However, you should check the system requirements and specifications before buying the software.

The FabFilter Pro-R also offers a wide selection of high-end factory presets. Its visual GUI is second to none.

2. Valhalla Room($50) 


ValhallaRoom is a stereo algorithmic reverb software that features twelve original reverberation algorithms. These reverberation algorithms produce a variety of natural room reverberation sounds, from tight ambiances to large, modulated spaces. The algorithm designs are based on state-of-the-art theory and classic room simulation boxes. You'll find a wide range of presets and many customization options.

ValhallaRoom has stereo-in and stereo-out modes. You can adjust the spread of energy across the stereo channels, which preserves the spatial image of the input. The software comes with a user-friendly GUI, which was inspired by NASA control panels and Joseph Muller-Brockmann's work. The Valhalla Room GUI has been updated with new color schemes and a comprehensive preset browser, which makes it easy to navigate and set custom parameters.

The ValhallaRoom is free and offers an impressive array of reverberation effects. It is a powerful plugin that delivers the highest quality sound possible to users around the world. Its ten original algorithms are influenced by state-of-the-art theory and classical room simulation boxes. The software offers eleven reverb effects, including noise, steel plate reverb, and stereo algorithmic reverb.

3. Waves H-Reverb($35.99) 


Waves H Reverb is one of the most versatile plug-ins for reverb. It features a variety of different tools that help you create the right sound for your recording project. In the GUI, you can choose between natural and synthetic decay, and you can even experiment with coupled spaces. You can also add a point of slope change by tweaking the X Time and X Gain controls.

About Waves H-Reverb

The features of this plug-in are vast, and it is easy to find the perfect setting for your recording project. The Waves H Reverb has a wide selection of presets. It supports mono and stereo recording, as well as 5.1 input/output insert formats. The H-Reverb is compatible with Mac and Windows systems and offers a streamlined GUI that hides complex controls when not needed.

For more control over the sound quality, you can also change the drive and decay envelope. The H-Reverb can be paired with resonant filters for a unique and natural sound. This plugin has a wide range of system requirements. In addition to system requirements, the Waves H Reverb is a digital download. You can use it immediately. The downside of this software is that it is not refundable.

The H-Reverb also provides a wide range of processing options. Professional engineers often use reverb with other effects. EQ, of course, is an obvious inclusion. Other features of the software include resonant filtering, delay, and overdrive distortion. This is a feature that should be considered when deciding on a purchase. The Waves H Reverb is a must-have plugin for any studio.

The H-Reverb is a pioneering FIR reverb engine that's based on innovative Finite Impulse Response reverberation technology. Its unique engine enables users to customize the decay envelope, resulting in perfectly gated and real reverse reverb tails. The software also incorporates advanced analog modeling and drive control for better reverberation. The latter is especially useful if you want to create custom reverb tails.

System Requirments

You can get your hands on H-Reverb for just $35. 

CPU(Mac) Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9 / Xeon / Apple M1 See notes regarding Apple M1 (ARM-based) processors CPU(Win) Operating System(Mac) 10.14.6, 10.15.7, 11.5.2, 12.0.1 Operating System(Windows) Windows 10 64 bit Windows 11 (Build 22000.194) Screen Resolution Minimum: 1024x768 Recommended: 1280x1024 / 1600x102

4 USB displays are not supported as the primary display. V13 plugins require a graphics card that supports ‘Metal’.

Intel Core i5, i7, i9, Xeon (all Gen 5 and above) AMD Quad-Core Screen Resolution Minimum: 1024x768 Recommended: 1280x1024 / 1600x1024


4. Native Instruments - Raum($49)

Best paid reverb vst plugins 2022 - Native Instruments Raum ; Music production blog

This VST reverberates sounds in three ways, using a spectral, frequency, and time-domain approach. It is an IR-based convolution reverb that does not produce any clicks or pops. It is compatible with any host or DAW and has a 500 MB free disk space requirement. The software requires a 32-bit processor and an Internet connection to install.

About Native Instruments Raum

While this product used to be free, it is now available for purchase. The reverb can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, resulting in a wide range of sounds that can add to your production. You can also use a feedback loop in the pre-delay section, and a freeze button to create endless ambient washes of sound. 

For music production, Raum 2020

comes with three modes: Grounded, Airy, and Cosmic.


5. Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle($699)

Best paid reverb vst plugins 2022 - Lexicon; Music production blog

The PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bunde is a comprehensive, feature-packed reverb plug-in for a wide variety of recording and post-production applications. Its cross-platform functionality allows it to run on Windows XP, MAC OSX 10.4, and other modern operating systems.

The software is compatible with many audio formats, including AAX, VST, and Audio Unit.

The PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bunde brings the legendary reverb from Lexicon to your computer. It includes hundreds of studio presets that were meticulously crafted to provide optimum sonic quality and functionality.

About Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle

The PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bunde includes 7 legendary Lexicon reverbs. It includes hundreds of finely-crafted studio presets, including recognizable classics from the Lexicon sound library. Whether you're looking for an old-school, vintage-sounding reverb, or something a little more sophisticated, you can be sure that the PCM Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle is compatible.

It also includes a visual EQ section, savable presets, full automation support, and RTAS compatibility.

The company has been in the business of creating high-quality digital reverbs since the 1970s. Its reverb is used in leading post-production studios as well as in music.

Using a Native Reverb Bundle is easy and convenient to use. Its three-dimensional reverbs are perfect for mixing. The two-channel reverbs have a variety of settings. The first one controls the amount of reverb, while the second one controls the amount of reverb. The third one affects volume. Its reverbs are both spatial and acoustic. The two-channel reverb plugins are available in a stereo mix.

Buy PCM Native Reverb

6. Tracktion Reverb VST($25, $99 for full plugin bundle)

There are a number of advantages to Tracktion Reverb, including its ease of use, system requirements, and price. The VST offers a number of reverb controls and a frequency spectrum display, and it supports Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. The plug-in is available in AAX, AU, and VST formats.

The Tracktion Reverb plugin integrates seamlessly into your DAW environment. Unlike other plugins, it also does not require a separate installation, which makes it easy to use.



Thanks for reading! We hope that this article will help you find the best reverb VST for your music production projects. Make sure to check the compatibility, sound demo, price, CPU usage, and other important factors before purchasing a reverb VST.