Best Free Websites For Selling Sample Packs and presets

Often Upcoming Sound Designers and producers ask about How to Sell Sample, Preset Packs, and audio services online or On platforms Like Splice and Loopmaster? This is a great goal of course But most of these platforms are paid ones or take a large cut from the sales.

We have selected the best online platforms to sell your digital products and songs that will help you make money with your music.

Best Free Places to Sell Sample Packs


1. Buy Me a Coffee


It doesn't matter How you are related to the music industry, You gotta have a Buy me a coffee Account!! It can help you a lot in making money with your music and products in lots of ways.


A few Producers and artists know about this but you can actually sell your digital products on Buy Me a Coffee. This website is one of the best places to sell your digital products, songs, samples, and patches.

Buy me a coffee - Digital Sell Example


  • No Monthly Fee; On the spot Transfer to Paypal.

  • Book and Sell Personal Lessons on Zoom.

  • Sell E-Books, Sample Packs, and Soundbanks along with other digital downloads.

  • Sell Live Event Ticket.

  • Build a membership-based Revenue system.

  • Accept Multiple Currency.

  • Accept Paypal, Stripe, and other local payment providers(based on geolocation).

  • Accept artist Donations.

  • Built-in SEO; Rank your products on Google.

  • Integrate with WordPress, Zappier, and other platforms.

  • Google Analytics and other marketing integrations.

  • One Currency at a time.

  • limited file upload limit(However it does not affect the sale as it supports external download links).

  • Does not support Structure Data, Meta Tags, and Rich Content.


2. Gumroad


Gumroad is the best choice for Artists and Creators who are just starting with their Business and do not have a capital investment.


Gumroad is a share-based platform, i.e. it takes a cut from your pie while giving you all the available features. This platform has become the reason for success for a lot of small businesses out there and around 100,000 people are using it for business.

  • 'Pay what you want' Option.

  • No monthly fees.

  • Remits GST and VAT.

  • Allows Membership, Courses, Digital Downloads, and Merch.

  • Complete E-Commerce Setup up.

  • Supports Affiliate Programme to increase your sale.

  • Supports multiple currencies.

  • Sell license Keys.

  • Supports Multiple Product Versions.

  • Offer Discount Codes.

  • Embed in your Personal Website.

  • Detailed Analytics and Marketing Integrations.

  • Great SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and Rating System.

  • Transaction Cut( Cut decreases with increase in your revenue)

  • Can not Change the Checkout or Cart Overlook.

  • Fund Transfers after a limit.

  • Does not support payment processes like Crypto, Apple or Google Pay, etc.

  • No Trial


3. KO-FI


Ko-fi is another platform to support Artists, Freelancers, and Creators. This platform has better Online E-Commerce features compared to Buy me a Coffee but it has both free and paid plans. In the free plan, they deduce 5% of the profit.

  • Dedicated Online Shop.

  • "Pay what you want" feature.

  • Direct digital download or redirect to a link.

  • Control the number of product sales.

  • Good SEO.

  • More control over Shop features.

  • Sell Digital Products, Membership-based services like blogs, Posts, and benefits, etc.

  • No charges on the artist donations.

  • Connect Discord, Google Analytics, and other integration.

  • 2GB Space for files

  • 5% cut out of revenue for free products

  • Navigating and UI is Hard for first-time users compared to Buy Me a Coffee.



If you can save it, then you can sell it. That's the base of Payhip Digital Marketplace. Arguably the easiest setup among all dedicated digital marketplace. You can sell Digital and Physical Products, Subscriptions, and Coaching to artists.


This is one of the best choices for selling sample packs and sound banks for free.

  • Easy to use and Set up

  • Allows Affiliate.

  • Copyright Protection for E-Books and PDF using Stamp.

  • Secure Purchase

  • Supports Membership

  • Embed on your website.

  • Included blog and other marketing tools.

  • Slow support

  • Can use some more features for designing store.


5. 2Checkout


This is my personal Favorite Free platform for selling Sample Packs, Sound Banks, and Sample Packs for a lot of reasons. It has options for setting up digital shops that even Commercial Platforms like Wix and Shopify don't have. Setting up 2Checkout is very simple and compared to other platforms, the revenue can be bigger and the user experience is top-notch.

  • Accept international Payments from across 200+ countries and regions.

  • 45+ Payment Methods including Google and Apple Pay.

  • 30+ languages.

  • Set up Different Pricing and Discount for Different Currency(Same product can cost $50 in the USA with 30% Discount while $10 in Germany with 20% Discount),

  • Automatic Currency Conversion.

  • Beautiful Store and Cart layout with SSL Secured Payment.

  • Outstanding 24/7 Support.

  • Advance SEO Set up to get find on Google and other search engines.

  • Set Different Product Info in different Language

  • Embed to personal Website.



This is a New platform exclusively made for Artists, Singers, Music Producers, and Lable. The platform is very unique and has a great potential to change the way music is made, licensed, and sold.


The best part about Subshare is that you can sell or give a license to individual samples, Soundbanks, lyrics, and so on.


Moreover, you can also license your Songs and Keep track of all of your revenue coming out of Various Platforms. Subshare Also has a Music Distribution Service. Although the platform is still under the final stage of development which will add massive features, it is available for selling and licensing your creations.

  • Sell individual samples, You buyers can pay for the samples they want.

  • Advance tracking of sales.

  • Intelligent Contract and Licensing System that records every sale and transaction.

  • Compare samples and Songs in real-time using inbuild Players.

  • Hire Artists, Engineers, Singer, and Artists.



Square up is one of the most user-friendly and dedicated online E-commerce Platforms that provide free online platform services. The monthly charges are Nil and the interface is very interactive. Square up is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a dedicated platform for E-Commerce. This Platform is also excellent for Selling Physical Articles like Merch, CD, Vinyl etc.



  • Excellent SEO.

  • Easy Store setup.

  • Simple Integration and Reports.

  • Great Support

  • Sell Subscription.



  • Credit card payment is not yet available in a few countries(Updating)


8. Mozello

The best part about Mozello is that it gives a dedicated website and store along with a free plan, giving you the freedom to sell your sample packs and soundbanks under your brand name. This gives your sale a great boost. The website templates of Mozello are very easy to edit, including blog, the store has all the features needed for putting a great sale and integrating the payment system is also very easy.

You can start with the free plan and can add your own domain later on as well.


Thanks for reading! We hope that you find this article helpful. Make sure to check the features and requirements of the platform before you start selling your sample packs and soundbanks.  In the meantime, Make sure to check out our brand new EDM sample pack as well as the Pro Sound Club Subscription.