Best Macro and One Knob VST Plugins(Free and Paid)

In this article, we will look at some of the best Macro and One Knob VST plugins. Unlike other VSTs, macro plugins consist of a series of complex audio processing algorithms that can process the sound with just a few tweaks. The macro knobs are fast, effective, and a real time saver.

Tickify by Rocket Power Sound($39)

Thickify by Rocket Powered Sound is a powerful plugin that uses a powerful saturation algorithm to make your music sound fatter. Saturation uses harmonics and slight distortions to add depth and definition to your music. This plugin can make drums and bass sound fuller and more dynamic. Oversampling helps reduce sound artifacts. The easy-to-use user interface is a plus, and it also features an efficient oversampling algorithm.

A user-friendly interface is a key element of the Thickify plugin. The interface is clean and straightforward and lacks unnecessary features. Increase the saturation and aliasing to add a thicker, buffed character to your sound. Lower the saturation for a slightly duller sound. The digital circuitry in Thickify contains a unique saturation algorithm that adds distortion to your sound without sacrificing its dynamics.

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FL Studio Soundgoodizer(Native, Free)

Integrated into the Fruity Loops DAW, the FL Studio Soundgoodizer is a plugin that allows you to apply effects to your recordings. The Soundgoodizer features a number of settings, including different saturation levels.

Best Macro and One Knob VST Plugins

You can control the amount of effect by using the dry/wet knob. This plugin is compatible with FL Studio for Windows and macOS. The plugin is actually a simple extension of Maximizer called Maximus, the leading dynamic processor of FL studio.

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IK Multimedia One($99.99)

When it comes to the macro plugin, The One by IK Multimedia is the best. It features a series of outstanding macro controls and presets that can instantly add new life to the sound.

Best Macro and One Knob VST Plugins

The main controls of this plugins are: Body, Focus, Air,Width, Bass punch, Analog, and Transient. The 2 macro knobs are Push and Volume, Puch applies a controlled compression while Volume makes the sound louder without introducing any artifacts.

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Waves One Knob Series($89.99)

Best Macro and One Knob VST PluginsThe Waves OneKnob series consist of eight plug-ins, each with a single knob. You can use each knob to produce a wide range of effects. The effect include filter, reverb, distortion, compression, bass boost, treble boost, auto-sidechaining and brick-wall limiting.

The One knob series plugins are

  1. Brighter
  2. Filter
  3. Phatter
  4. Pressure
  5. Louder
  6. Driver
  7. Pumper and
  8. Wetter

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Saturation Knob by Softube(Free)

If you are looking for a plugin that will add shimmer and harmonics to your vocals, the Softube Saturation Knob is a great option. The saturator provides a warm, lush sound that is reminiscent of a tube amp. 

Best Macro and One Knob VST Plugins

 It is a great tool for adding subtle color to drum loops and vocals and can also be used as a mix enhancer. The plugin comes with a single knob and a switch. It has two main functions: the main dial introduces harmonic distortion and compression to the track.

The Saturation Type section has three different settings: keep high, neutral, and attack. Keep high introduces high order harmonic distortion, while keep low amplifies low-level signals. Using these controls effectively increases the overall sound of the track and adds to its impact.

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ComBear by W.A. production(Free)

When used properly, ComBear can add a bold and intense sound to your track. Whether you're creating drums or a full mix, parallel compression is an essential tool to have in your production arsenal. ComBear is that VST that can easily add the parallel compression to your channels. And the good news is that ComBear is free.

Best Macro and One Knob VST Plugins

The ComBear features a Mix knob for adjusting the volume of the output and input gain for make-up gains. It also offers an option to parallel compress the output with its counterpart. The ComBear can compress a track to an extreme degree, and it can also be used to add a punch of intensity to the production.

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Sausage Fattener($39)

The Sausage Fattener is one of the most popular plugins for mixing. It looks simple, but it's capable of putting tracks into high gear with minimal CPU usage. Its quirky name and interface make it a favorite of producers around the world. This plugin is also among the most popular, and is used by many world-class producers.

Best Macro and One Knob VST Plugins

The main function of the Sausage Fattener is to add high distortion and compression to your audio signal. The knobs on the front panel allow you to adjust the amount of fatness, which can vary from very subtle to extreme. This device can be used on your mix busses or to create a whole track of crazy distortion.

The Sausage Fattener also has a color knob that you can adjust to change the timbre of the sound. Increasing the value of the color knob will make the signal brighter and move it closer to the front of the mix.

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Thanks for reading, we hope that this guide will help you choose the best macro VST plugin for your music projects. Although macro plugins are simple and easy to use, they lack control over the sound. Make sure to check the effect of the VST on the sound before using it.