How to Get Fat Drums in FL Studio with Thickify

In this article, you will learn about an interesting way to get Puchy and Fat drums in FL Studio using Fruity Peak controller and Thickify. This simple method works for both single channels as well as drum buses.

The principle behind the method

This method uses Saturation, Stress, and Tonal balance with a dynamic drive controlled by the Peak controller. The basic idea is to replace the parallel processing chain.
Why do we even need to do it? While parallel compression is a good way to enhance the drums, it has little contribution to the tonality of the drums. Using this method, we can enhance the sound as a whole. This is the final outcome of the process.

Steps to get Fat Drums in FL Studio

Step 1 - Route all drum samples to a separate drum bus.
Step 2 - Load Fruity Peak Controller; we will use it to create a dynamic volume envelope. Set peak volume around 50%, Tension 80-100%, and Decay to 55-60%.
How to get fat drums in FL Studio
Step 3 - Load Thickify on the Drum Bus Channel. Set Stress to around 50-60%, Thickness to 100%, and drive to 0.
How to get Fat Drums in FL Studio
Step 4 - We will link the Drive of Thickify with the peak controller. To do this, simply link the Drive to the midi controller, and link it to the peak. After this, you will get the drive value corresponding to the level of Input level in the peak controller.
How to get Fat Drums in FL Studio
Step 5 - Use Parametric Eq 2 to remove the low end, we are doing it to avoid any phase cancellation with the low end of Kick and Snare.
How to get Fat Drums in FL Studio
Step 6 - Use Transient processor to control the excessive sustain and release.
How to get Fat drums in FL Studio
Step 7 - Use Stereo seperation to make the sound wide.

The Takeaways

You can play with the settings viz Controller level, Transient Shape, Tine, Balance and other factors. Using this method gives producers lots of variables to work on. It also introduces the analog charecter to the drum sounds. We hope this method will help you in your projects; Thanks for reading!