7 Ways To Make Your Mix Sound More Full & Loud

In this article, we will tell you the secrets of how to make your sound fuller and louder. Although with the new regulations about streaming loudness limits the Loudness war is almost over. But still many modern music genres can sound better with a loud master and harmonic richness. You will learn some of the best methods to get the perfect loudness level and rich sound. So, without wasting any time, let's jump right in.

Use a peak compressor 

Peak compressorHaving a good dynamic range is very essential for getting the right loudness. The dynamic range of your audio should be too high or low. Using a peak compressor is the best way to control the dynamic range of the sound. Using the peak compressor can add important headroom to the audio channel which can be later used to increase the gain and RMS level of the sound. It is one of the most used methods to increase the loudness of the sound.

Use Saturation plugins like Thickify to enhance the sound

Adding the harmonics to the sound is a great way to make the sound full and loud without changing the gain level. Saturation can add important harmonics and enhance them. This effect, especially around the fundamental harmonic can enhance the overall character, perceived loudness and overall character of the sound.
With Thickify, you can decide whether you want to add even or odd harmonics. The automatic gain compensation in thickify can maintain the balance between input and output gain. This prevents the audio to clip while making the overall sound fat and loud.

Use Maximizer

How to make songs loud with maximizerUsing a maximize is another great method to make the sounds loud. Plugins like iZotope Ozone 9 Maximizer are a great tool to increase the perceived loudness of the sound without clipping. Ozone maximize has an intelligent target loudness control that can automatically set the threshold based on the input signal level. The advanced algorithms can help you set the character of the maximize. Another great option is FL Studio Maximus. It is arguably the best dynamic processor available in the market. 

Shape the accurate tonal balance

The tonal balance of sound has a great role in deciding the perceived loudness of sound. The Equal-loudness contour, shows the relation of sound pressure level with frequency. The research shows the relation of loudness with frequency. This relation can be used to get a better tonal balance with the focus on loudness. Our ears are most sensitive to the frequency range of 2k to 5k Hz. Boosting these frequencies or decreasing the frequency around them can give a sense of loudness and richness. But make sure to not overdo it. 

Use longer samples/notes/audio

This is a rather less known concept among the producers. Two samples of the same or different kinds (for example kickdrum) can be perceived at different levels by our ears depending on their length. In synth terminology, these are known as decay and sustain. A longer kickdrum will sound louder than a short sample.
You can use this method to create important headroom in your soundtrack. For example, using a short kickdrum will leave headroom for bass while at the same time sound less loud. The drum bus can be enhanced or tonally reconfigured to make sound harmonic rich.

Use a soft clipper or limiter

Classic LimiterSoft clippers are a great alternative to limiters. They can enhance the level of sound, enhance the harmonics and prevent clipping a the same time. T-Racks classic clipper by IK multimedia is a great clipper plugin to enhance the audio.
Limiters, on the other hand, give the option to control the ADSR(Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release) of the sound. These are the most used mastering plugins for attaining a loud and full sound. FGX by slate digital is the best limiter available in the market.

Use parallel compression

Newyork/NY compressorMixing a dry audio signal with a highly compressed copy of the same signal is parallel processing. Sometimes it is also referred to as NY or Newyork compression. Parallel compression is one of the most used methods among mixing engineers. It enhances the soul of the sounds, especially drums. Compressor like black 76 is a great compression unit for parallel compression.


These are some of the best methods to make the soundtrack loud and full. Using these tips and tricks, you can certainly mix and master your soundtrack professionally.