The Best Serum Tutorials on YouTube For Every Genre

Serum is the most hyped and truly the most legit weapon of choice in any modern producer’s toolbox. With this wavetable synthesizer, you have stunning features to elevate your production to earth-shattering levels of quality. However, there is definitely a learning curve with Serum, that requires you to continuously understand and learn about this sophisticated interface. One of the easiest ways of learning Serum techniques and developing mastery over it is to follow the step-by-step video tutorials. And what’s better than YouTube, right?

Therefore, in this article, we round up some of the best tutorials available on YouTube right now to create the most stunning sounds in Serum for every genre.

Exploring Best Serum Tutorials on YouTube

In this section, we’ve made sure that the YouTube tutorials included in this list will help you to rapidly increase your skill level, regardless of what kind of music you make. The listed YouTube tutorials will make you a Serum pro in no time since they cover the right techniques and tricks to master the sound of every genre in Serum.

1. Make Powerful / Fat Chords Like Virtual Riot And Illenium’s by Rocket Powered Sound

This tutorial helps you to build dope chords that are similar to Virtual Riot & Illenium’s sound. These chords will be helpful to emulate in your Dubstep, Trap, and Future Bass compositions. From building chords to treating them with filters and sound effects, this tutorial covers all the bases.

Tutorial Link

2. Unleash the Force of the Growl bass with AU5

Known for releases like ‘Happy Where We Are,’ ‘Anywhere’ & ‘The Way to Infinity,’ Au5 is leading the charts with his blend of futuristic and dubstep sounds. His tutorial will help you create the most stunning hyper-growl, that is perfect for dubstep compositions. Au5’s tutorial video takes you through the in-depth process of creating a potent growl from a customized square wavetable.

Tutorial Link

3. Master the Riddim Bass with Rocket Powered Sound

The sub-genre of Dubstep, Riddim is generating major attention. Therefore, in this tutorial, you will learn how to emulate some wonky Riddim-inspired bass with Serum. Think of this replication as Phiso normally does it for scratchy and trunk-rattling basses. You will like this tutorial for its clear and straightforward instructions.

Tutorial Link

4. Creating the Perfect Growl Bass by Rocket Powered Sound

Do you want to learn the skill of producing the perfect growl in Serum? Especially the one that’s at par with Skrillex, Zomboy & Must Die? Then you need to follow the tutorial linked below. The video will not only help to recreate the growl with the right technique but also delve into the why’s & how’s of things.

Tutorial Link

5. Create Heavy Dubstep Basses with Rocket Powered Sound

Are interested in developing the roof-shattering & mind-melting kind of aggressive Dubstep that is synonymous with Marauda, SVDDEN DEATH & CODE: PANDORUM? Then this tutorial is designed for you. Shane at RPS unleashes tons of stunning techniques in this beneficial video, such as sound processing and using sound effects to create the most insane, and machine-gun like bass.

Tutorial Link

6. Build Soulful Synth & Chords for R&B Sounds by Synth Hacker

This tutorial will dive deep into creating organ synth keys and chords that are perfect for R&B and House sounds. The uploader has made the tutorial navigation easy by dividing it into sub-sections of synth creation; modulation matrix; and application of sound effects such as distortion, chorus, and saturation. Another tutorial by Synth Hacker goes into the details of creating soft and melodic chords with key-tracking technique, perfect for R&B sounds that are reminiscent of Medasin & KAYTRANADA.

Tutorial Link 1 & Tutorial Link 2

7. Make Magnificent Drops with Rocket Powered Sound

In this beginner-friendly tutorial, Shane from RPS takes you through the process of producing a big room drop that will go perfectly with House and EDM composition. This short tutorial video will prove to be really helpful when you want to add stunning synth leads that will leave the listeners breathless.

Tutorial Link

8. Tutorial for Metallic Plucks by Amethyst

Do you want to add a metallic trap flavor to your plucks? Then look no further, because this tutorial from Amethyst will walk you through the process of emulating a ringing pluck that oscillates at various harmonic levels.

Tutorial Link

9. Make Your Tracks Boom With Trap Brass & Horns by Rocket Powered Sound

If you want to hit your productions with a Trap style brass and horns drop, then this tutorial is for you. The sound in this tutorial is heavy and huge!

Tutorial Link

10. Bring Progressive House Flavors in Your Plucks by ASDR Music Production

This tutorial will equip you with the knowledge of producing lush and spacious plucks in Serum. These chords will serve as an amazing addition to Progressive House beats. This tutorial uses a combo patch by using the macros feature that will convert this pluck into pads, depending on your requirements. The sound that you will be able to create with this tutorial is quite similar to what deadmau5 is popular for. Serum lets you create that distinct sound by unleashing heavy oscillators with perfect fifths and automation filters.

Tutorial Link

11. Easily Create Tropical House Sounds by Rocket Powered Sound

Tropical House sounds are extremely popular for summer-y and funky tunes. Therefore, if you want to flood your songs with relaxed and melodic Tropical House flutes that are popular with producers like Kygo & Matoma, then this tutorial from RPS is the answer to your prayers. The tutorial is filled with amazing technical knowledge and tips to get the perfect end-result.

Tutorial Link

12. Step into Techno Sound with Serum by Production Music Live

The folks at Production Music Live have put together one of the most in-depth tutorial videos on creating Techno sounds with Serum. Along with free presets the tutorial walks the viewer through the editing and mixing process of a percussive and hi-hat heavy sound patch. In this video, you will learn how to emulate Techno inspired sounds by tweaking the FX panel on Serum.

Tutorial Link

13. Master Future Bass In Serum with Rocket Powered Sound

What makes this video so powerful is the no-nonsense teaching approach. We get down into the basics of creating a mean and fat preset synonymous with Marshmello in this tutorial. Follow the steps of this tutorial and in less than 5 minutes you will have mastered a stunning Future Bass style sound.

Tutorial Link

14. Re-synthesize Futuristic and Ambient Sounds by ASDR Sounds

This tutorial will acquaint you with the re-synthesizing technique to emulate ambient drone sounds while using Serum. The ambient pads and drone sounds are re-synthesized with samplers and flexible LFOs to create an evolving progression. This technique is great to emulate ethereal and ominous sounds in trance and melodic dubstep.

Tutorial Link

15. Tutorial to Create Cinematic Soundscapes by Splice

The renowned music producer KSHMR feature in this splice tutorial, that will help you to create the most ambient and cinematic soundscapes via Serum for your compositions.

Tutorial Link

16. Create Orchestral Sounds by Sound Factory

This easy-to-follow tutorial will embellish your compositions with orchestral arrangements and stabs. The brass and violin synths will add a dramatic flair in a seamless, and effortless way. This visual tutorial is extremely helpful for beginners.

Tutorial Link

17. Create a Spooky Rezz Bass by Rocket Powered Sound

This tutorial video will not only help you produce a spooky and mean Rezz-inspired bass of your own in Serum but it will also allow you to check out how our customized wavetable library. For those unaware, Rezz is a Canadian producer known for her deep basses. Therefore, this tutorial video is like a 2-in-1 solution where you learn the most popular bass technique and also get the free wavetable as a resource.

Tutorial Link

18. Unleash Future & Neo Soul Sounds in Serum with Multiplier

If you to jazz up your EDM productions with Neo-Soul sounds, then this tutorial by Multiplier should be your first step. In this tutorial, he has given major tips and tricks to emulate Future soul sound such as, high/low resonance, establishing unison levels for pads, low pass filters for stunning leads, and how to use monophony and legato in Serum elevate your presets. This 5-minute-long video packs a solid punch in terms of knowledge and techniques.

Tutorial Link


YouTube has tons of Serum tutorial. However, we’ve made sure that this article must include only the best and beginner-friendly tutorials. It was a conscious decision to enlist tutorials that contain on-point and easy to understand tips and tricks, so you are scratching your head once the video is over. Explore these tutorials and we’re sure you’ll have plenty of ideas and knowledge for your next music production.

Free Serum Presets That You Can Download Right Now

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